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Hi, I am Lydia and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist. I have a deep passion for using foods as medicine as well as for enriching our lives. After achieving an Msc in Law and Finance and working for over 10 years in financial services in the City of London.


Lydia's 1-1 nutritional consultations


If you would like more help with your health journey, Lydia offers 1-1 nutritional consultations which are all currently online therefore she can help you wherever you are based in the world. The consultations would start by looking at your overall medical history as well as your current situation, including your lifestyle, everyday routines and your preferences – all without judgment, and provide plans which are tailored to you.

You will be provided ideas on recipes and sample meal plans, as well as tips on how you can manage your time in the kitchen which is especially important if you have a busy lifestyle. Having worked in financial services in the city for over 10 years, Lydia fully understand the challenges of finding the time and right balance between health, work and play.  

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